The Company

James Blanco, Owner/President of JCB Performance Machine, began his path in CNC Turning in 1995 working in a high production CNC machining environment for a major Aerospace manufacturer in New Hampshire. His employment was originally to primarily support his passion, “street car” type drag racing. In 2000, he moved on to other challenges in CNC turning at a Thermal Spray Equipment manufacturer where he continued his experience and found his new passion for Mazak CNC turning centers that had the ability to Turn parts as well as Mill and Drill features normally considered “secondary operations”. He was programming, quoting, troubleshooting, and producing parts representing many configurations and unique challenges. Jim worked directly with engineering on new product applications, learned CAD, and earned his Green belt in Six Sigma.

In 2003, Jim was ready for another change. He wanted to continue producing parts on Mazak turning centers, but also wanted to work with different varieties of parts and materials. He wanted to work directly with customers and use his experience to offer them solutions for their manufacturing needs. He would utilize his somewhat compulsive nature to produce products to a quality level with the intention of exceeding his customers’ expectations and deliver them when they needed them.

With the help and patience of his wife, Sara, he started JCB Performance Machine in March of 2003. He operated during 2nd shift hours out of a humble 1500sf shop in Epsom, NH, while still working for his day job. By 2006, he had built a strong customer base by holding true to the ideals he started the business with. His business’s work load had grown to a level that couldn’t be sustained with the 2nd shift hours alone, so he left his day job and set out to continue building his business, adding capabilities, and working with his customers on a full time basis.

In 2006, JCB Performance Machine moved from the Epsom location into a 6,500sf facility located in Concord, NH. The move would accommodate our existing growth and provide for future expansion. JCB acquired an Overhead Bridge Crane that could access any point on the manufacturing floor. The company then began hiring skilled and talented employees with engineering and machining backgrounds and adding more equipment with even the most advanced capabilities possible. See a current facilities/capabilities list.